179501_3507526653925_1020733846_nThis is Your Defining Moment! Who will you hang with? What will you do for the rest of your life? When will you make your decision? Where will you go? Why are you doing that? Young and old, you will face all of these questions. It seems like you are always having to decide. The crazy part of it is, your parents, your teachers, your counsellors, your friends really want answers to these questions. You don’t always have these answers. There may be some days, you don’t even care. And you want to know a secret: Although these people in your life are a great source of guidance, they don’t always know the answers to these questions, either. But there is guidance. God has the answers to these life changing questions. In fact, God has a plan for you. That’s why, if you are a young person, we invite you to come to Faith Center Foursquare Church. We want you to know that God can help you with Your Defining Moment.